How to properly choose a Halloween costume

How to properly choose a Halloween costume

Halloween fast approaches, and if you have no idea what to wear, stay with us.

If you are stuck for ideas, FS Party Store has compiled a list of ideas on how to pick the perfect Halloween costume.

What’s your own style?

Are you looking for a sexy, cute, angry, or spooky costumes? Halloween is the perfect time to transform into some other character you usually have no opportunity to be. Hide behind some scary or wacky costume. In the opposite way, you can emphasize a side of you that your friends already know.

When it comes to your own style, find something you feel comfortable with, think about what you are wearing on a daily basis, and what actually you are looking for. What’s the wardrobe you usually wear? Jeans? A dress? Or maybe a cute skirt?

The color palette you normally wear

Particular colors are not the ideal match for some costumes. For example, if you love black, you cannot find a costume of pumpkins in black, or ghost, rainbow, etc. If you want to go with darker colors, then consider evil geniuses, vampires, wolves, etc.

Don’t repeat yourself

Are you thinking about wearing something from previous years? Well, your friends and family have already seen you in that, so it is time to look for something new.

What are your interests?

What do you like to do, and what do you mean by fun? Make a list of the things you really enjoy, be it games, reading, cooking, etc. For example, if you like cooking, be some famous chef, or transform into the packing of some spice.

Setting your budget

Halloween costumes can range from unbelievably cheap to extremely expensive, so it is important to set your budget in order to start with an idea of ​​what you can actually buy. Always ask about what’s included in the costume price.

Look around for sales

Numerous stores like FS Party Store have sales all the time, especially if Halloween is very close. Check the internet, TV, any newspaper and magazine ads for upcoming sales. This way, you can get an amazing costume for a really small price.

Final words

Try to buy the costumes on time, don’t wait for the last minute for this because you won’t come across a huge selection. And what’s left may not fit your size, so you’ll be forced to choose something you didn’t even want.