Finding The Perfect Celtic Jewelry With Gemiani

Finding The Perfect Celtic Jewelry With Gemiani

How to Decide?

At Gemiani, we specialize in crafting the finest personalized Celtic jewelry. If you are looking for someone who can provide you a beautiful piece of jewelry with a deep Celtic background then we are the company for you! How do you decide which piece of Celtic jewelry is the right one for you, however? This article aims to help you decide by discussing Claddagh rings, Celtic rings, and Art Deco rings–all of which are offered by us at Gemiani.

Claddagh Rings

You may be asking, “What is a Claddagh ring?” Well, they are a traditional Irish ring! They are known to symbolize everything from friendship and loyalty to deep love. They first came about in the 1600s and continue to be considered a phenomenal way to gift someone a symbol of your platonic friendship or romantic love. Interestingly, Claddagh rings can also be worn specific ways to symbolize if someone is single, currently in a relationship, or in fact engaged. As a result, Claddagh rings make stellar engagement rings and wedding rings should you need one for that purpose! Claddagh rings clearly have a fascinating heritage and can make a great ring selection.

Celtic Rings

While Claddagh rings are more specifically Irish, Celtic rings can encompass all of Celtic culture from Irish to Scot, and so forth. Celtic rings have much of the same imagery of Claddagh rings as they both carry a Celtic heritage, and Celtic rings can be worn as a simple statement piece or to express engagement or marriage as well!

Art Deco Rings

Art Deco rings are for the kind of person who wants to express their individuality through the beautiful and complex designs found upon these amazing pieces. They truly are eye-catching and should you want an engagement or wedding ring that is quite different, these are a lovely option. Plus, they make a stupendous anniversary present as well for those with exotic tastes who would like to express their love and commitment in a different kind of manner.

Which is the Right One For Me?

Here at, we don’t want to tell you, “This is the ring for you,” as it is your choice which ring truly speaks to your heart. However, now that you’ve been informed about Claddagh rings, Celtic rings, and Art Deco rings, you probably should have a clearer idea of which kind best fits your style and preference. With that in mind, when you search our extensive selection on our website you will undoubtedly find the ring that is perfect for you!