When Should You Get A Family Lawyer?

When Should You Get A Family Lawyer?

Family law focuses typically on the family environment and its issues, including adoption, divorce, child custody, and paternity. They help protect those in family setups and ensure justice is served when harm might have been done. Family lawyers are the best people to seek help with your representation when faced with such occurrences.

There’re several excellent law firms that you can select from, including Lowenthal & Lowenthal, that can help you draft formal documents or even represent you in court. However, you are advised to go through official requirements and determine the fundamentals of your case, be it divorce, surrogacy, adoption, or paternity, among other family-related issues. Below are some of the covered issues in family law:

Child Protection And Adoption Hearings

Are you planning to adopt a child or even an adult sometimes? You’ll need to enlist a family lawyer. Excellent family lawyers can help you in cases that involve a neglected or harmed by taking the lead in the case and ensuring that all things run smoothly.


Family law is mandatory for those planning to carry pregnancies and those looking for surrogate moms. However, some people don’t involve family attorneys in their surrogacy process to avoid potential issues for any of the involved parties.

Juvenile Law

Minor offenders, like adults, are subjected to penalties for their actions. Hence, they’ll need a family lawyer to represent them in the proceedings. The other cases associated with the minors, such as emancipation, will also benefit from representation by a lawyer specializing in family law.

Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements

Couples can also benefit from involving a family lawyer when drafting prenuptial agreements. The lawyer will help protect both parties’ interests and ensure that the agreement is binding. A family lawyer can also assist when drafting postnuptial agreements to determine the next course of action after a divorce.


A family court might step in to eliminate any doubts in a case involving a child’s paternity. However, you might or might not need a lawyer based on how complex the situation is.

Domestic Partnerships And Marriages

There are a lot of issues in domestic partnerships and marriages that might end up in the courts. When entering a domestic legal relationship, a family attorney is needed just as needed when ending one. Child support, divorce, property sharing, alimony, and annulments should be handled by lawyers with experience and expertise in family law.


Family matters are pretty delicate and require a trustworthy law firm or lawyer. Hence, you should carefully evaluate the experience, expertise, and reputation of a law firm before enlisting their services, and Lowenthal & Lowenthal ticks these boxes. You can rely on our attorneys to represent you in either of the matters above.