Put Her in a Bra How Did This Get Made

Put Her in a Bra How Did This Get Made

By the time the year 2007 rolled around, Emily Lau had had enough. Tired of the undesirable silhouette the bras on the market gave to her small frame, she took matters into her own hands and started The Little Bra Company. Since then, lingerie has been transformed for millions of less generously endowed women thanks to this innovative business.

Over the past decade, Emily’s vision has evolved into a business that combines precision fit with fashion-forward beauty. No longer do petite or smaller-chested women need to settle for bras that either look like they were made for 12-year-olds or that are beefed up with awkward padding that results in a distorted silhouette. If you’re like Emily and want to make the most of all of your assets with classy and beautiful bras and lingerie, look no further than Emily Lau’s bra company.

Particularly suited to people who wear bras sized 28 through 34 A, B and C, this increasingly popular enterprise is especially designed to fill the intimate apparel needs of women who previously had no choice but to shop in the “misses” or sports bra sections of their local department stores. Thanks to modern technology, discerning shoppers can now get Emily’s beautiful bras that fit perfectly and are designed for smaller women from a select group of online retailers in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Caribbean.

Say goodbye once and for all to the unflattering “no cleavage”, flat and artificially padded silhouette you have been resigning yourself to. Take advantage of the affordable prices and wide variety of bra choices that Emily and her staff have carefully chosen for you. While your proportions won’t change, your beautiful shape will be transformed for all the world to see.

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