How to Apply Your Lipstick Perfect, Every Single Time

How to Apply Your Lipstick Perfect, Every Single Time

There are good reasons why liquid lipsticks are becoming so popular. After all, they provide the shine and sass of a gloss with the spectrum of colors available in a lipstick. Isn’t it time you learned more about how to apply this fashion craze to your own lips?

Keep it Simple

Unlike other products whose hues don’t begin to make themselves known unless you apply at least two layers, liquid lipstick only requires a single coat. With just one application, you can get an opaque sheen. Add one or two more to gain exponentially more drama.

Do A Bit of Prep Work

Before applying your liquid color, use a small amount of wax-based lip balm as a base. This is recommended because liquid matte lipstick can be very drying to the lips.

Start at the Bottom

Once your mouth’s moisturizer is laid, begin by applying the liquid lipstick to your bottom lip. Then press your lips together to disperse the color. Use a lip brush to fill in your cupid’s bow, minimizing the appearance of any imperfections with a lip liner of a similar shade.

Act Quickly to Erase Mistakes

One quality of liquid lipstick is that it is extremely long-lasting. In fact, it will stay on for hours without fading when you eat or drink. You can even give your partner a smooch without worrying that it will smear or transfer to the other person. However, the downside of this durability is that you need to work quickly to reverse any application errors. If you draw outside your lip line, immediately dip a cotton swab in cold cream to remove the tint before it becomes a lasting stain.

Set For Success

If you want to add some shine to your lips after applying the liquid, you can finish with a lip gloss. To prevent the lipstick from feathering, apply some foundation to the edges of your lips. Reduce any smudges or other imperfections with a brush concealer.

When the Party’s Over

At some point, you will want to remove your lip color. Use a professional makeup wipe to get the pigment out of all the lines and crevices of your mouth. If you’re turning in for the night, give your lips a dose of moisturizer to keep them from becoming parched.

Liquid lipsticks are fun, long-lasting and come in a wide variety of colors. What are you waiting for? Why not try a new and fun hue today?