How To Apply Individual False Eyelashes Like a Pro

How To Apply Individual False Eyelashes Like a Pro

If you are not blessed by nature with those breathtakingly lovely, fan-like long lashes that highlight your eyes and make you look like a glamor queen, never fear. False eyelashes can give you all of that beauty with minimal fuss. Just by taking some additional steps, you can make them last longer, too.

Don’t Sleep in Them

After a long day, it’s tempting to just plop yourself into the sack without taking the time to remove your false eyelashes. However, being lazy can shorten their life because they can easily get tangled, twisted or torn while you are in bed. Take just a few minutes to remove them and return them to their original package for storage.

Clean Off the Glue

Glue can quickly build up on your lashes, making them difficult to apply the next time and distorting their shape. For that reason, it is important to give them a good cleaning every time you remove them. Gently cut away any dried glue clumps with tweezers, being careful not to also catch hairs at the same time. In particular, focus on the inner and outer corners since grime tends to pool there. The more careful you can be when applying your eyelashes not to get glue on the hairs, the easier this process will be.


Once the extraneous glue has been removed, give your fake lashes a bath in warm water that has been supplemented with a small squirt of shampoo in order to remove any remaining eyeshadow or mascara as these can corrode them over time. If residue is being particularly stubborn and difficult to banish, increase the temperature of the water. However, note that if your lashes are not artificial but instead are made from real hair or fur, doing so will cause them to lose their curl. Swirl your falsies for about 20 seconds, rinse under running water and lay them on a paper towel to dry.

Wipe and Sanitize

Anytime you wear artificial lashes, you have a small chance of acquiring an eye infection. Keep germs to a minimum by ensuring that your eyelashes are as clean and bacteria-free as possible. For artificial ones, use rubbing alcohol to clean them with a cotton swab, starting at the base and extending to the ends. If your lashes are made from hair or fur, instead choose a water-based makeup remover to keep the hairs from drying out.

Taking good care of your false eyelashes has several advantages. They will last longer, look better and will remain more sanitary. As a result, you will be able to achieve the natural-looking, stunning appearance you have always wanted.